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Conscious Creation Tip

The Power of Water.  Water is a great conductor of positive spiritual energy.  Have you ever found, like I have, that some of your best ideas come while taking a shower?  Another friend of mine reports that when she’s having a negative day or experience, she goes in and washes her hands extensively, finding that her cares seem to go away with the suds.  I love the sound of running water, like that of water trickling in a fountain or a creek.  It calms me and creates a kind of alpha state that lets me relax and allow in positive energy.  In Feng Shui, it is said that having a fountain in front of your front door attracts not only positive energy, but abundance, too!  However, my absolute favorite way to “soak up” the positive energy of water is to immerse myself in it—in either a bathtub or a pool.  I am fortunate to have a pool in my backyard and I just love to get in and go neck deep in water, allowing myself to simply bob and float in the water and feel its gentle caress.  If you can do this, I think you will find that you’ll experience a tremendous sense of peace and joy, regardless of whatever else is going on in your life.  It’s the perfect way to raise your personal vibration.

How to Stay Positive…With a Negative Vibration Spouse or Partner

This is a topic that has come up several times in interviews over the past few months.  People who are making the change to a conscious and spiritually-driven life often discover that they are yoked to someone who is not prepared to come along on that journey.  The partner is mired in his or her own negative thoughts and emotions, and meets any topic of spiritual enlightenment, positive vibration and conscious creation with a wall of resistance.  Don’t despair…lots of others have gone through this phase too, and come out on the other side with a happier life.  Let’s look at what you can do in this situation:

• Stay in your positive vibration state.  Don’t allow your spouse or mate to pull you out of alignment with the Universe.  When you feel yourself drawn into it, take a walk, go play with the kids, read a book, or go have lunch with your best friend … and continue to think and feel positive about yourself, your life and the good qualities in your partner.

• Create a sacred place in your home where you can go to meditate, clear your chakras, express gratitude, Consciously Create, connect with the Universe, —activities that keep your frequency high.  Ask your partner to respect this private time, so that you can “recharge.”  This recharging should continue to buttress you against his or her negativity.

• Demonstrate how your life has changed by just being happier, more upbeat, and less stressed.  Soon your partner may want to know what it is that has changed you and how he/she can get some of it!

• By changing how you respond to things, your spouse is bound to have to adjust.  If you are doing something different, that will change the dynamic between you and within the family.  Your partner will have to adjust in some ways to meet or stay up with the new you.

• Visualize a harmonious relationship. See your relationship changing and your partner opening up to greater dialogue, a more open-minded attitude and a willingness to explore new avenues—new ways of thinking.  Take your focus off of what is WRONG, and put it on what is right and what you desire.

• Throw your “love net” around him or her.  We’ve previously written a bit about the “love net,” but I really believe this is an empowering tool to create waves of love that generate vibrational change.  See yourself throwing the net of positive loving energy over your mate and yourself, so that it will allow him/her to release the negativity in a net of safety and acceptance.  This raises the vibration between the two of you, and floods him or her with your loving, positive energy.

• Each day of the week, spend five minutes telling your partner one or more of the things you love about him or her.  Your partner will be delighted to hear praise instead of complaints!  It may well begin to shift his/her expectations, mood and outlook.

• Focus on making the present moment the very best and most enjoyable you can and vision for the future.  Release the past.  Don’t reintroduce old patterns, or hold him or her to past behavior by bringing up how it’s been previously, and make sure that you don’t fall back into old negative repetitive interactions yourself.  Let go of the anticipation that your partner will respond in “the same old way.”  Leave the door open for change and possibility.  Create a new pattern of interaction through your change of emotions, thoughts and energy habits.

• Present your partner with positive alternatives.  When he or she focuses on the negative, gently demonstrate what alternative thought, emotion or perception may further his or her desire.  Be a teacher, but do it gently.  Don’t force-feed these concepts.

• Become a Master Manifestor.  As you raise your frequency, good things will increasingly come to you at your beckoning.  If your spouse or partner gets jealous, point out that he/she can do this too if he/she follows your path.  Then hand your partner a copy of The Art of Conscious Creation!

• Accept that the Universe is creating an opportunity to test how effectively you can maintain your own positive energy in the face of a challenge!

• Lastly, and this is the most extreme outcome, if you have tried all of these over time and you find yourself in a situation that is not emotionally healthy for you, you may have to leave the relationship.  It is when the negatives outweigh the positives, with little prospects for change, that you have a responsibility to your ebullient and joyful soul to find an alternative lifestyle either alone or with a more positively-disposed and spiritually aware partner.  Remember, even when there are children involved, they fare better with at least one happy parent, rather than two miserable ones.

For many relationships, the awakening of one partner is often the key to evolution and positive growth for both.  May yours be one of those!

You Can Stay Positive! Let Me Show You How

My friend Mary Schnack of Sedona, AZ has created a co-op to assist entrepreneurial craftswomen in the third world with marketing their homemade products.  It’s called Up From The DustUp From The Dust brings beautiful handmade products to the U.S marketplace that help to support and economically empower women around the world.  The organization imports jewelry, bags, and home decor from women entrepreneurs in developing countries.  Mary says that Up From The Dust targets its sales to women in business so they can enjoy those unique products and help support their sisters in business worldwide.  If you are interested in supporting this wonderful venture, please go to

Power Up Your Life: Consciously Create Your 2008—Stepping Beyond The Law of Attraction

Wouldn’t life be better if you could just create a blueprint and everything would develop nearly as you envisioned in 2008?

You indeed have that power! So why not begin Consciously Create the year you want to have in 2008, rather than letting life unfold willy-nilly, with little structure, drawing in whatever elements happen to arrive. If you built a house that way, it would look something like a Rube Goldberg kinetic sculpture, rather than a house with four walls, a roof, an attractive and inviting design, and all the amenities that you need and want. Why take the chance on building your life with whatever happens to be sent your way—good and bad?

Many people are familiar with the Law of Attraction, which holds that you energetically draw to you whatever frequency you are resonating, and whatever you are focusing on. If you are resonating low frequencies (anger, fear, mistrust, blame, victimization) you will attract negative consequences. If you are focusing on things you don’t want to have occur, than you will attract exactly what you don’t want. On the other hand, if you are resonating high frequencies (optimism, compassion, trust in the Universe) you will attract positive consequences. If you focus on what you desire to become reality, you will attract that into your life.

However, knowing how the Law of Attraction works is only one step in the process. In order to truly take charge of your future, you must begin pro-actively Consciously Creating Your Life—marshalling all of your intent, your energy, you creative visionary skills and your power of creation to manifest the future you choose to live–and there is no better time to do that than at the crest of a new year.

January/February/March are months when people create New Year’s resolutions and feel that they can start building afresh. But do they? Most people simply haul their old baggage—their old structures– into the next year. They may want something different, but they are manifesting much of the same because they have not changed their energetic component. Their forced-air heating system is still spewing out tainted air.

To really create a new life beginning in 2008, one must undertake a wholesale rebuilding, from the ground up and the most important component of that is energy, just like in a real home. But this energy is the positive vibrational energy that each of us resonates. In order to Power Up Your Life, you must monitor and transform negative thoughts, emotions and actions into positive ones, so that you are only vibrating from a positive state. You must be flowing positive energy in order to have control over what you are manifesting.  There are many ways to go about learning these techniques, but mastering them will open the door to establishing a blueprint that you can turn into reality.

Consciously Creating Your Life in 2008 means reinventing everything you desire in advance…leaving little to chance. Then giving yourself the time to design the house and empower its formation using your positive energy waves as the construction crew, and the Universe as supervising contractor.

So what do you want in your life for 2008:
• More money?
• More love?
• Better health?
• More vacation time, more travel?
• A better job, a better boss?
• More time, more personal freedom?
• More peace and serenity? Less stress?
• A better home, car or other belongings?
• More help to carrying your load at home, at the office?

Don’t leave it to chance. Hone your manifesting skills. Take charge of your future. Live the life of your dreams in 2008!


Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Conscious Creation and Personal Frequency Management. She is the author of "The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World." Learn the techniques to Power Up Your Life! Consciously Create Health, Wealth and Love in 2008 with Jackie Lapin’s Jan. 31 teleworkshop:

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Quote for the Week

“The Winds of Grace are always blowing.  But it is YOU who must raise your sails."
Sri Ramakrishna

Book Review “Change Your Aura, Change Your Life” by Barbara Y. Martin

Your aura is a reflection of the energy you are vibrating.  Color is a vibration and so it is a clue to what is going on inside of you.  Barbara Y. Martin, a renowned aura reader and expert, maintains that you can actually change the outside to help change the inside.  In this amazing book, she gently leads you through her highly effective technique for improving the aura.  You’ll discover the complete picture of what your aura looks like; what the various colors mean and say about you; how to download power rays of energy to enhance love, healing and wisdom; and how to further open your channel to the Universe to increase your own receptivity and knowing.  She includes 90 meditations to help with everything from deepening personal relationships to transforming negative emotions to opening the door for greater abundance and success in career.  This is a great book to add to your spiritual toolbox.
You can find this book at

In the News

Jackie was interviewed on:

• Darlene Braden’s “What Stops You”
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• Whitley’s Strieber’s Dreamland hosted by Marla Frees (see below)

Jackie Lapin on Dreamland
If you’ve never heard of Jackie Lapin, get set to have your life changed, because she is the first interview in a frequent series we’re embarking on that focuses on the positive–positive change, hope, and making the world better.

The relentless negativity of the media is disempowering, and is rendering millions of people helpless with what, according to Whitley Strieber, is basically a lie: that we are small and powerless.

Listen as our resident psychic medium Marla Frees finds out from Jackie Lapin how to recreate your own consciousness as a vital, empowered force for abundance and goodness in your own life and the life of our suffering world.

Conscious Creation Tip

We’ve addressed in previous newsletters how to maintain a positive outlook on the economy, rather than give in to the panic inspired by the media.  Here’s a guided meditation that I have created specifically to help us manifest renewed financial health for ourselves, the nation and the world!  Feel free to let this inspire your own vision of abundance.


Sit back and close your eyes.  Get comfortable, making sure your feet are on the floor.  Now allow yourself to connect into the Universal flow…See a golden light that reaches all the way up into the heavens and another one from your torso that connects into the earth.  See light, love, peace and unlimited positive energy flowing down to the crown of your head, through you and into the earth.  You are now in the flow.

Now allow your mind to drift to a place of wonder and joy, a spot of great beauty.  You are wandering though America’s breadbasket, you stroll the flourishing fields, your fingertips just sweeping over the tall grain stalks.  Feel the robustness of this food and how it replenishes and nourishes people all over the world.  See the weather cooperating everywhere in the world, manifesting record harvests of grain, corn, rice and other staples so that the costs return to affordability in every corner of the globe.  Farmers plant new fields or bring back fallow fields, so they can grow both Bio-fuels and feed corn, and the storehouses of corn have filled up again.  Wheat stores are replenishing as well.  Rice fields are flourishing and the price of rice has eased.  Every person—child and adult—has enough food, whether they are buying it, growing it, receiving government support or getting food from aid organizations.&nbs! p; The supply of healthy food is plentiful and affordable.  Restaurant costs are also falling just enough so the owners do well, the workers are paid nicely and patrons are coming back because the prices are attractive.  Grocery prices are declining as the price of oil and transportation of food products has come down.  People are buying more at the store!

With increasing oil production around the world and cooperation between nations, gas is again under $3 a gallon!  This has also reduced cost for air travel, the price of goods, plastics, building materials and so many other key elements in our economy.  People are traveling again!  They hop a plane because the prices of airline tickets are reasonable, and they get in their cars and drive.  They spend money as tourists and so tourism is up.  In fact, while the dollar is coming back to equilibrium on the world economic stage, it’s still low enough that foreign tourists are flooding to America.  Communities are benefiting from this increased spending.  Jobs are up/unemployment is down in all sectors as the economy heats up again—blue collar, white collar and every sector.  You can feel people’s optimism.  Entrepreneurs are thriving, finding wonderful niches in which to attract business.  Large corporations are ! again announcing strong earnings.  The market is demonstrating renewed zeal, and the numbers for the Dow and S&P are climbing!  Look at the euphoria on the floor of the stock market.  People are excited and happy, feeling abundant as stock changes hands joyously.  Business is being conducted with a social consciousness and the goal of environmental salvation.  This is creating new industries, but old industries are operating with a new Earth-sense and respect for the environment.  We all benefit from this renewed personal and business commitment to the environment.

The financial services sector is rebounding from the mortgage downturn.  New legislation and the willingness of lenders to be flexible is helping individual homeowners renegotiate their loans, erase and overcome the limitations imposed by having undergone a foreclosure and get back into homes.  Families are breathing with relief, homes are selling again, the real estate business is thriving again and builders have gone back to their construction sites.  Foreclosure/For Sale signs are disappearing from neighborhoods and there is a sense of renewal on the nation’s streets.  People are again re-discovering the American dream.  The rest of the world is also springing back as the global economy is being injected with our revitalized dollars and powerful upswing.  Money is trickling down to the lowest income individuals and families, and this is providing relief and opportunity for them.

American consumers are spending more freely again too as money is easing up.  The shopping malls are seeing record sales!  You feel the prosperity.  You sense it.  You are living it.  Your bank account is filled up and overflowing.  You are seeing money come from unexpected places.  How fantastic is that!  Your investments are thriving and your retirement funds are growing.  You’re paying down all your credit cards and there is money left over to spend on those special small luxuries.  You’re taking vacations, relaxing in the sun, seeing new parts of the world.  Your increased spending makes you feel free and affluent and you know you are helping others by spreading around funds.  Better yet, you’re giving money to causes that are close to your heart, and helping those people you know who can use a few dollars to get a head start on their prosperity.

Breathe deep.  Abundance and prosperity are all around!  Now anchor this wonderful feeling!  Claim it.  It is yours.  It is ours.  Take a moment to let it sink into every cell in your body. (pause) Feel your incredible gratitude for the beginnings of this renewed prosperity for both you and for all people around the globe.  Thank the Universe for already granting this replenishment and wealth everywhere.  So now open your eyes and rejoin our workshop.  Welcome back.

10 Tips for Using Love to Make Your Life Happier and Easier

Do you want a happier, easier life?  Surf the Love Vibration!

Is life a bit of a struggle?  Do you find yourself thwarted at work, unhappy at home, yearning for romance, feeling unappreciated?  Then love is your answer.  Not romantic love, but Universal love — the kind that opens the doors of infinite possibilities.

We live in a world where fear, anger, disappointment, jealousy, hopelessness and self-hate are the primary currency.  These are just some of the underlying negative emotions and thoughts that are most people’s default response to their experiences.  Such thoughts are limiting and destructive perceptions that simply permeate one’s world, and perpetuate misery and unhappiness.

The reason is that our thoughts and emotions are energy.  Quantum physics is proving that they have the power to influence and change our future.  What we think, we manifest.  We are Conscious Creators.  If we put out negative energy, we will attract more in return.  Negative energy throws up roadblocks in our life; it makes everything more difficult.

Consider for example the last time you had a disagreement with a co-worker.  Did you show your anger or disappointment?  What happened?  Did you create tension?  Did you get your way?  What was the cost?  What about the last fight you had with your lover or spouse?  Could your negative approach have made things worse?  If you do see yourself in these descriptions, then maybe you are ready to try Surfing the Love Vibration.

Love is the highest frequency energy in the Universe.  It is the positive energy that drives and powers the Universe.  When you raise your own personal frequency—the frequency of your thoughts and emotions—to match the Universe, you will be floating along in concert with the Universe instead of going against it.  In other words, you have the opportunity to grab your board and go Surfing the Love Vibration.

So how does one grab the wave?
• Whenever you are confronted with an unpleasant situation or conflict, send love as your advance guard.  Stop before you speak.  Instead imagine sending out pink light from your heart or throwing a net of love over the participants.
• Before you enter a situation you think might be confrontational, shower yourself in pink light.  Feel yourself being loved and embraced by the people you are soon to encounter.
• When you feel down, depressed, unworthy, unloved or unattractive — give yourself a love bath!  You are a fabulous human being, a part of the Universe’s essence.  Remember that you are loved and that you must love yourself.  By doing so, you will attract more love.
• Love those who you often forget to love.  This includes people such as mailmen, auto mechanics or store clerks who make your life easier and provide a service to you.
• Forgive and love difficult relatives, ornery neighbors, demanding bosses, forgetful boyfriends, nagging wives, bad waiters, clueless salesclerks, crabby seniors and anyone else that has been an annoyance in your life previously.  Love them ‘til they begin picking up your “vibe” and begin behaving differently!
• Choose love first when you must have a heart-to-heart talk with your loved ones—no matter what the topic.  Start from that framework — not anger, disappointment or need.  State what you are feeling and perceiving, and then ask what he/she feels about the matter and what is that person’s perception.  Don’t accuse or demand.  Seek compromise.
• Practice random acts of kindness.  Whether it’s for someone you know or someone you don’t, such acts of grace are a powerful message of love in the Universe.
• When you feel fear, seek its opposite.  Are you afraid of success or failure?  Are you afraid of trying something new?  Are you afraid to voice your feelings?  Whatever you fear can be transformed with love.  Give yourself love and permission.  Trust the Universe to help you, once you’ve administered that love.
• When in doubt, spout love!  Not sure what to do or how to handle something?  Just send out waves of love.  Direct them toward anyone that impacts you and your decision.  Direct them toward the desired outcome.  Direct them toward yourself.  Direct them toward the Universe.
• Love the World!  Love the Earth and its inhabitants—all living things.  Love the people who are courageous and conscious leaders.  Love the people that put their lives on the line to protect us (police, firefighters, servicemen and women, search & rescue).  Love the people who live a conscious life—and love those who don’t so that they may become conscious and caring.  Love the animals, sea creatures and insects that share our Earth.  Love the food and water that sustains us.  Love truth and integrity; and respect everyone so that they may become the social engine that drives the world forward.

Surf the Love Vibration!

I wanted to share with you something that I’m very proud to report.  My book, The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World is a finalist for the Visionary Awards, presented by the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) at the International New Age Trade Show in late June.  COVR brings together the leading edge retailers and manufacturers in the Body/Mind/Spirit Marketplace.  I will be attending the International New Age Show and doing a book signing at the New Leaf and COVR Booths.  I’m happy to say that New Leaf is now distributing the book to the New Age and Body/Mind/Spirit Marketplace.  So please tell your friends!  Also look for the book on the cover of the Leading Edge Newsletter in your local bookstore.  The book was also a finalist this year for the prest! igious USA Book Awards.

Thanks for all your good wishes and support!