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Book Review “Practical Intuition” by Laura Day

If you are curious about how you can begin opening your channel to receive messages from the Universe—or increasing your ability to do so, then look no further than Laura Day’s Practical Intuition: How to Harness the Power of Your Instinct and Make It Work for You.  This New York Times best seller is a delight to read and a wonderful step-by-step approach to increasing your intuitive skills.

Some of the topics she covers include following your hunches, making better investment and business decisions, reading other people more effectively, making better and informed decisions about your health, getting a better sense if someone is truly right for you as a partner, and discovering a greater sense of inner knowing.  I highly recommend it applies to you in your life at his particular moment.

You can find this book at

Conscious Creation Tip

Divination/Life Choice Cards.  What are Divination Cards or Life Choice Cards?  These are themed decks of cards that help guide people in making decisions about their lives.  The premise is that guided by your higher self, you will select cards with key messages that resonate with your life at that moment.  You can use them to simply learn more about your state of mind and heart by picking cards randomly, or you can ask specific questions before selecting your cards.

Two of my favorites are the Angel Love Cards and Book by Kimberly Marooney ( and the Crystal Deva Cards by Cindy Watlington.  It is astounding that whenever I select a card, it seems to be so perfectly attuned to what I need to know, whether that is a gentle lesson, a pat on the back for something accomplished, an encouragement or a piece of wisdom I may not want to hear, but is filled with truth.  I recommend using them to help you connect to the infinite store of w! isdom, defining how it applies to you in your life at his particular moment.

Feature Article

I have good news for you: You weren’t put on this Earth to be miserable!  That’s something I’ve been telling people for most of my life — something that I just knew innately.  But as I was researching my book, The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World, my strongly held beliefs were reinforced.

Every great spiritual leader of the New Age — from Wayne Dyer to Jerry and Esther Hicks, to just about anyone you can pick — says that we come here in a state of joy and then proceed to muck it up. Our souls are blissful things — looking to love, live deliciously and enjoy.  Furthermore, the Universe is set up to give us all that we desire, to “download” to us goodwill, happiness and peace.

So why do we persist in wallowing in misery and suffering?  Because we can’t believe our good fortune and we question it, question and doubt ourselves, refuse to trust, allow our egos to get in the way of our good sense and spiritual knowledge, deny reality and truth, and ultimately let ourselves sink into negative thinking.  Then our negative thinking and focus on what’s wrong with our lives–through the law of attraction–attracts everything that will reinforce our unhappiness.

But I said there was good news at the beginning of the article…want some more?

We can choose not to be miserable.  We can Grab Life’s Joystick and Consciously Create happiness and bliss in our lives!  Quantum physics has now begun to validate that our thoughts and our emotions are energy and that they have the power to change our reality.  If we create positive, joyful thoughts and emotions, they will bring to us more happy and wonderful experiences, and create a far more peaceful and struggle-free life.

So how does one Grab Life’s Joystick?

1. Think positive thoughts.  When you feel a wave of negativity come over you, consciously rearrange the thought to something more optimistic and hopeful.  When you do that, be confident that your words are creating a positive, happy outcome.

2. Stop thinking less of yourself and think more of yourself.  Love yourself more.  Pat yourself on the back more.  Pamper yourself more.  Give yourself more of a break.  Focus on your strengths and not your failings.  Enjoy who you are.  Allow yourself to feel pride in whatever you have done.

3. Go out and help somebody else.  Nothing makes us feel better about life than that wonderful emotion we experience when we’ve given our time and effort to help someone else and their gratitude washes over us.

4. Spend time envisioning what you want in your life, how you want your life to be.  Whatever form that may take, put yourself in the image, as if it has already happened and just feel that joy and wonder and excitement of being there.  Feel it, taste it, smell it, observe the details.  This should hasten its arrival!

5. Make a list of everything you want to come your way.  Or cut pictures out of magazines of similar images.  Put these in a special box, with words on the cover that say: Thank you for granting these wonderful things to me.  Then trust that the Universe is working on bringing them to you.

6. Do one wonderful thing every day.  Indulge in a favorite book or ice cream cone.  Exercise until you feel the endorphins let loose!  Go hiking with friends.  Take your dog to the park.  Cuddle your children and read to them.  Etc.

7. Be nice to someone that needs it.  Or maybe lots of someones.  Put a smile on your face, and be the sunshine that lights up the room.  Give a nice word to a person who toils daily without much acknowledgement.

8. Go out in nature.  Feel that “aliveness” that comes from being outdoors, from sitting in the sun, walking on the beach, smelling flowers, resting under a tree, enjoying the brisk wind, playing at the park.  The mere act of soaking up nature’s positive energy should raise your own energy and personal outlook.

These are just a few ways that you can start living a joyful and happy life.  But it takes a commitment to begin Consciously Creating your own happiness.  You have to take responsibility for your own bliss. You must not look to anyone or anything to manifest it for you, clear the obstacles or magically make your life perfect.  You are the only one who can open the door and invite that joy into your life.  So go Grab Life’s Joystick!

Go Grab Life’s Joystick!

The 275 Roses in my yard are blooming in magnicience in every color and every combination you can imagine. The incredible abundance gives me a sense of renewal and joy!

It is a an amazing reminder of the Universe’s gift to us that each of our lives can flower and bloom at any time, but that spring is a time when remaking ourselves just seems to fit perfectly with our mood of
throwing off the mantle of winter and leaping into the light.

Correcting “Energy Habits” to Change Your Life

Everyone develops “energy habits” during their lives, which determines how we respond to the world. If it is a dark filter through which we view life, then we react to stimulus in a negative fashion. If, however, we view the world with trust, hope and optimism; we act on these positive emotions and will attract positive results. Changing your “energy habits” will change your life.

Do you know a complainer or person that erupts with little provocation? Are you subjected daily to someone always depressed who constantly focuses on the negative side of a situation or gossips without relent about others?

These negative energy habits have consequences:
• They attract to the sender negative relationships, ramifications, and a general state of poor health and unhappiness.
• Negative energy emissions poison the Earth’s Energy Bank, contributing to a world poverty, dread, loathing and strife.

Because emotions and thoughts are actual energy emissions, transmitting negative or positive energy imprints our future on the Universe. Today, quantum physics is proving that our emotions and thoughts have a powerful influence on the future. What we think is manifested, thus we are Consciously Creating.

It is essential to construct positive energy habits if you want a happy, healthy, empowering existence. More importantly, positive energy habits create a world of abundance, peace, compassion, love, and environmental balance that we all desire.

So how do we create positive energy habits?  Here are some suggestions:
• Be aware of instinctual thoughts and reactions, and how those thoughts and reactions will likely return to you. On a sheet of paper list all of your negative energy habits. Then go back and identify positive energy habits to replace the negative. Now make those positive energy habits your default trait.
• Note the energy habits of others. Emulate the positive ones and use the bad to remind yourself of how you don’t want to react.
• Catch yourself in the act of emitting energy, and then decide if that habit is one you want to continue. If positive, change to the new habit — and pat yourself on the back the first couple times you execute the new trait.  Be sure to also forgive yourself if you fall back occasionally to old ways.
• Diplomatically help others eradicate negative energy habits and institute positive ones.
• Notice how your positive energy habits impact others. Don’t be surprised if new, uplifting friends come along, and old chums are happier around you.

You’re on the path to manifesting a better future. Just think how your new way of thinking positively impacts the Universe, planet and all its inhabitants! Your new positive energy habits are like a balm on the world …a soothing ointment making everything better.

Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Conscious Creation and Personal Frequency Management. She is the author of "The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World."  Sign up at to learn how you can become a master manifestor!

Lapin is also the founder of United World Healing, an organization dedicated to harnessing the conscious intent of people and organizations globally to synergistically create a healthy, compassionate world. On Nov. 9, United World Healing will hold its first worldwide online "Vision-In" for healing the world and manifesting a better future. Join Now to Start Changing the World! To join or receive the daily vision by email, just click on


Book Review “Living In the Light” by Shatki Gawain

A leading figure in the world consciousness movement, Shakti Gawain sheds light on the interior landscape.  In this imminently readable volume, she addresses the importance of acknowledging and embracing our disowned energies—our shadow side.  Gawain shows us how to have far more power and balance in our lives by focusing the light on our awareness on all of the many aspects of who we are, including what we have feared and rejected.  Chapters include “Becoming a Creative Channel,” Exploring Our Many Selves,” “Men and Women,” and “Balancing Being and Doing.”  Each chapter closes with a meditation designed to help you move toward the light!

You can find this book at

Conscious Living


He’s been teaching it around the world for 15 years, now in 15 countries on five continents.  It’s Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong, the profound expansion of traditional Qi Gong that he developed and refined in the early 1990s.  Qi Gong purifies the physical body, calms the emotional body, and opens the heart, elevating the spirit.  Master Li’s unique practice, which consists of eight special movements, adds to these results a direct connection of the soul to our origin.  It "restores us to our original Self," he says. 

Now he brings his teaching to Los Angeles for the first time with his "Awakening the Soul – Timeless And Universal Healing" workshop, May 9 through 11.

For more information about Master Li’s Los Angeles workshop, visit, or call 530-265-6600.

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An Inspiring Marketing Book

I hear all the time from people who believe in spiritual principles that most marketing books leave them unimpressed.  And many more people watch "The Secret" or read books about the Law of Attraction and want to then find a way to market their inspired businesses in a way that feels authentic and genuine.

Joe Vitale, author of "The Attractor Factor" and one of the stars in "The Secret and Craig Perrine", a well-known online marketer with a ‘relationship marketing’ style, have just released their long anticipated new book.  It’s called, appropriately, “Inspired Marketing – The Astonishing Fun New Way To Create More Profits For Your Business By Following Your Heart”.

What’s especially interesting is that instead of filling their book with theories, they actually went out and interviewed real people with real success stories in all kinds of businesses.

Whether you are a man or woman, beginner or advanced, artist or seasoned entrepreneur, you will find something to relate to in this book.

Oh, and don’t just go to to get your copy, by the way.

Because the book just launched, you want to go to their site and see all the genuinely cool extras you get from Joe and Craig’s website.

Go check it out for yourself at:

Conscious Creation Tip

Keep an Affirmations Log.  Affirmations are a powerful way to generate positive energy and raise your personal frequency.  They help you change your core beliefs and open you to growth.  Keeping a log or compendium of affirmations has several purposes:

• It reminds you to affirm these statements daily and to have them all in one place so you don’t forget any of them.
• It keeps them in a place where you will always find them.
• It allows you to add new ones that you create or obtain from other sources or subtract those you have outgrown.
• If you keep all of them, it provides a record of your growth and how you have evolved.
There are several simple ways to create your log.  You can do this on your own computer.  I have heard of a few places that allow you to archive your affirmations on the web, but I’m still searching for their web addresses.  A few sites on the web give you ways to record your personal affirmations, so you can play them back as an MP3.

One easy way to do that is to set up an inexpensive account at Audio Acrobat, where you can record them over the phone and you can then download the results to your computer or digital player.  You can play these each day when you arise, go to sleep or when you are exercising.  And then there’s, where you can download hundreds of prerecorded affirmations.

Feature Article

In the last newsletter we looked at the first six ways that can help you jump start greater prosperity for yourself, your company and for the world.  Here are the last six ways.

7.   See the world as an opportunity, not a hostile environment.  Where there is strife, find new ways to create relief.  Fill voids that provide services or goods to those who need it, or in new markets.  Think in terms of expansion, not contraction.

8.   Call for positive change.
Hold our leaders to the same standards.  Press them for positive action, not blame and finger pointing.  Support those who are taking positive action for change in our society and economy.

9.  Operate in a state of gratitude.
Be grateful for your talents, for your employees, for your co-workers, for your customers, for the relative health of your company, for living in a nation where individual freedom provides unlimited opportunity for growth, for the abundance that is yet to materialize in the future.  Show your gratitude, don’t just feel it.

10.  Pay it forward.
Do good deeds and make generous overtures to others, simply asking the recipients to pay it forward.  Create the energy that will heal and repair, and plant positive healthy seeds that will allow abundance to grow.

11.  And most importantly, hold the vision of abundance!
Create your company goals and written documents with a strong vision of success.  Work with your personnel to create visioning moments, seminars or gatherings that invoke the exciting, emotionally exalting feeling of success and abundance.  See the market climbing again.  Visualize people being able to get out from under the debt of their homes and mortgage companies helping people to reestablish home ownership.  Note how spending is once again flowing.  See businesses thriving instead of folding and jobs opening up.  Visualize money circulating responsibly.  See the world filled with peace, prosperity, abundance and economic opportunity for all.  See the world’s people cooperating in uncountable ways that generate goodwill, fair trade, conscious business, holistic value and prosperity.  See your powerful place in this vibrant, robust and satisfying planet.

12. Here are some simple affirmations that support these visions.
You might want to recite them regularly! 
• I am expanding in every way and every moment.
• I am a force for good in the world.
• Everything wonderful is a possibility in my life.
• I project positive energy into the world.
• I am transmuting all negative energy to positive energy.
• I am choosing to be optimistic and confident in the future, and happy.
• I welcome and work toward abundance for all.
• I am a powerful Conscious Creator who can help manifest abundance personally, professionally and for the good of the planet.
• I trust the Universe to always produce whatever is in my and my company’s highest good.
• I am grateful to myself and the Universe for allowing me to step fully into my ultimate potential.
• I am filled with a vision of mankind’s success at Consciously Creating a vital and vibrant future for our planet.
• I am filled with the knowledge of mankind’s power and ability to create a world of peace, joy, abundance and environmental sustainability.
• I know that everything is going to work out fine.

I’ll be hosting a special teleseminar on this vary topic later this month.  Stay tuned for details!