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Book Review “Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life” by Byron Katie

If you’re looking for true inspiration, look no further than this amazing book.  You will follow Katie from the depths of her despair in a mental institution to her resurrection as a world-renowned sage as she learned to turn off the chatter in her mind.  This stunning journey into knowingness gives us each a pause to reflect on the beliefs we hold and the thoughts we allow that contribute to our own suffering and misery.  Katie provides a simple way out with her four questions, called “The Work.”

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Upcoming Reviews:
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Conscious Creation Story of the Week

I am blessed with a such a wonderful colleague and co-worker in Jeff Donovan.  Many of you may have spoken with him when calling my office.  Sadly, Jeff lost everything he owned in the Corral Canyon fire in Malibu, CA.  He is a renter, who did not have rental insurance.  No amount of money will replace his lost memories.  But being the spiritually-connected person that he is, Jeff looked forward instead of back, knowing that something better is in store for him.  In the meantime, I set have created a fund to get him back on his feet and sent emails to everyone I know—friends, clients, and more.  We set an intention of generating $12,000.  I am proud to say that we are closing in on that number as this newsletter is distributed!

Conscious Creation Tip

Mirroring Reading. When I engage in dialogue with people who become angry, short and irritated, I look to see if I had any hand in their response or reaction.  Certainly their type of emotional response stems from their own issues and it is not my responsibility to resolve their personal relationship with themselves or their past.  However, others can be an excellent mirror in helping us determine if we are projecting our negative energy outward, energy that may indeed trigger an unnecessary response.  Were my own unconscious words and energy attracting a negative response from the person?  If I had chosen different words, a different tone of voice, or a different energy to enter the encounter, would I have gotten a different result?  If I hadn’t felt tired and frustrated, had smiled instead of looking impatient to get out of there, if I had asked instead of barked my request to the clerk–would he have snapped back, or carelessly torn the shopping bag with my stuff spilling all over?  Look to use others as a mirror to remind you to mind your own personal frequency!

It’s A Time of Transformation!

The first month of the year—a clean slate!  December 31 was a great opportunity to leave behind your negative energy habits and any of the unhappy moments of 2007.  It’s a time of transformation.

I’m embracing the beginning of the year as the time to start creating a positive energy field around me and in my mind, a positive pathway into 2008.  I’ve Consciously Created my business and personal visions for these next twelve months.  Over the holidays, I spent time in quiet meditation creating the feeling and the emotions of living that vision throughout the coming year.  I am consciously letting go of those actions, thoughts and emotions that don’t serve me as I go forward into 2008.  I choose to raise my frequency to join with so many others who are becoming conscious, as together we help raise the frequency of the planet.

Won’t you join us?

10 Tips for Using Love to Make Life Easier and Happier, Including Learning to ‘Surf The Love Vibration’

Want to ease your life, reduce stress, increase health, promote happiness and foster love?  Then Surf the Love Vibration!

Does life seem to be a bit of a struggle? Find yourself stymied at work, unsatisfied with home life, yearning for romance, feeling unappreciated? Love is the answer! Not romantic love, but Universal love — the kind that opens passages to infinite possibilities. 

This world we live in is dominated by anger, jealousy, fear, disappointment, self-loathing and hopelessness. These negative thoughts and emotions are the default responses many people use unconsciously day to day. Such thoughts are limiting, destructive perceptions that can paralyze a person’s growth and perpetuate misery.

An explanation for why negative results grow from negative thoughts, and vice versa, rests in quantum physics. Scientific study has proven that thoughts and emotions constitute physical energy that can impact our future. What we think, we manifest. We are Conscious Creators. Emit negative energy and you’ll get it right back, which makes everything more difficult.

As an example, think about the last time you and a co-worker disagreed. Did you demonstrate disappointment and anger? Did you create tension? Did you get your way? What was the cost in the long run? What about your last squabble with a loved one? Is it possible that your negative approach made things worse?  If you see yourself in these descriptions, maybe you’re ready to try Surfing the Love Vibration.

The highest form of frequency energy in the Universe is love. It is the positive energy that drives and powers the Universe.  Raise the level of your personal frequency—the frequency of your thoughts and emotions—and you’ll find yourself floating along sublimely on the Universe’s wave rather than fighting the powerful surge. In other words, grab your board, hang ten, and Surf the Love Vibration.

So how do you go about catching this wave?
• Feeling down, depressed, unworthy, unloved or unattractive?  Give yourself a love shower! You are an incredible human being, a key part of the Universe’s essence. Remember, you are loved and you must love yourself. By doing this, you will attract even more love.

• When confronted with an unpleasant situation, serve up love. Think carefully before opening your mouth. Imagine a warm, pink light leaping from your heart, or throw a net of love over the other person.

• Before entering a situation that might be confrontational, douse yourself in pink light. Feel yourself being loved and embraced by the very people you will encounter shortly.

• No matter what the topic, choose love first when having a heart-to-heart talk with loved ones. Always start with love — not disappointment, anger or need. State your feelings and perceptions, and then ask how he/she perceives the issue. Don’t demand or accuse. Seek compromise.

• Forgive and love tough bosses, difficult relatives, ornery neighbors, nagging wives, bad waiters, forgetful boyfriends, clueless salesclerks, crabby seniors and anyone that has been a previous annoyance. Love them ‘til they pick up your “vibe” and start behaving differently!

• Love those you frequently forget to love.  People such as mailmen, auto mechanics or store clerks who make life easier and provide a valued service.

• Practice random acts of kindness. Whether it’s someone you know or not, acts of grace are a powerful message of love in the Universe.

• When feeling fearful, seek the opposite emotion. Are you afraid of trying something new?  Afraid of success or failure? Afraid to voice your feelings? Whatever your fear, transform it with love. Give yourself love and permission. Trust the Universe to help once you’ve administered that love.

• When in doubt, spout love! Not sure how to handle a situation? Send out waves of love.  Direct them toward anyone impacting your decisions. Direct them toward a desired outcome. Direct them inwardly. Direct them toward the Universe.

• Love the World! Love all living things. Love courageous and conscious leaders. Love people that risk everything to protect us (police, firefighters, servicemen and women). Love folks who live a conscious life, and love those who don’t so they may become conscious and caring. Love the food and water that sustains us. Love integrity, truth; and respect everyone so that they may become the social engine that drives the world forward.

Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Conscious Creation and Personal Frequency Management. She is the author of "The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World." Sign up at to learn how you can become a master manifestor!

Lapin is also the founder of United World Healing, an organization dedicated to harnessing the conscious intent of people and organizations globally to synergistically create a healthy, compassionate world. On Nov. 9, United World Healing will hold its first worldwide online "Vision-In" for healing the world and manifesting a better future. Join Now to Start Changing the World! To join or receive the daily vision by email, just click on

12 Keys to Consciously Creating Your Future

Are negative thoughts and energy habits keeping you from a happy and abundant future? Unwittingly, you may be an UnConscious Creator rather than a Conscious Creator. UnConscious Creators can’t comprehend why their life is falling apart, why their employment is unsatisfying, and why they can’t find the right partner. They feel angry, victimized and depressed. UnConscious Creators are accidentally manifesting their own misery!

On the other hand, Conscious Creators have a clear vision for what they want, and have faith that everything will turn out all right.  They continuously emit kind, loving, positive energy—regardless of what happens. Not everything goes perfectly for Conscious Creators, but their trajectory remains in a positive direction. When confronted with a challenge, Conscious Creators recognize they have a choice in how they handle it — both in their emotional and real worlds. With this enlightened outlook and vision, they contribute to manifesting a better world for everyone! Conscious Creators allow their positive energy to open amazing pathways for them!

But don’t be discouraged. It’s just a short trip from being unconscious to becoming a Conscious Creator, master of your own future.

If you wish to join the ranks of Conscious Creators visualizing and manifesting a satisfying life, you must leave behind negative “energy habits.” Here are 12 ways to accomplish that:

Switching Thoughts — Monitor your thoughts. If you’re thinking something negative, flip it around to a positive. Change from: “I hate that my vacation was cancelled” to “Now I can tour those museums near my home that I’ve wanted to see for a long time.”  Switch from: “I got dumped by my boyfriend” to “I learned a lot in that relationship and look forward to applying it positively in the next one.” Don’t fixate, dwell or rehash the past.  Don’t blame, fume, pass judgment or feel victimized. Instead, feel empowered to act with positive intent.  Think how you can become a more compassionate, better person for yourself and others. Be the upbeat, positive person everyone likes to have around — the person seemingly blessed by the world. The path to a promising future starts in your mind.

Change Your Words — Your mind must guide your tongue. Before speaking, think. Instead of saying things that imply your own limitations and failures — or someone else’s — choose carefully the words you use. Put them in a positive light. Speak with endless possibility and faith in the future. Refrain from expressing complaints or gossip. Speak with consideration for others and use words to create a positive bridge, even when there is disagreement. Words that flow from your mouth should be the footsteps to a great future.

Go for a Walk — Keeping on the topic of footsteps…If you feel a funk coming on, go for a walk. Use the stroll not to dwell, but to adjust attitude. Listen to the birds, look at the trees and adore the sun. Think how wonderful life is and how you can make it better. Let the emotion relax you. Allow the goodwill to wash over you. If music makes you upbeat, walk with your iPod tuned to your favorite songs.   

Love the Moment/Be in the Moment—To stop negative rehashing of the past or fixation on the future, do something novel—BE IN THE MOMENT. Listen to what’s going on around you, take a deep breath, smell the roses, cuddle your pooch. Enjoy that very moment and love it for being present.

Imagine Joy — Maybe it wasn’t a great day, but let’s still imagine joy. Kick up your feet and recall some fantastic moment in your life. Better yet, create a vision of the future that will bring joy.  Allow yourself to revel in that experience. The emotion of joy will attract even more joy. 

Conduct Random Acts of Kindness — Really want to feel good about life? Then help somebody. It may be someone you know and love, or a person you’ve never met. Just be nice and it will raise your positive energy. Do it more than once and it’ll become habitual in a good way!

Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes — Before jumping down someone’s throat, put yourself in their shoes. Maybe that person has an ill family member, hasn’t had the benefit of your level of education, or came from a different culture with unique values. It is always better to initiate interaction from a position of understanding and compassion, and your own stock will rise in goodwill and positive energy.    

Surf the Love Vibration — Conscious Creators generate waves of love in their world. Be kind and loving. Tell someone how much they mean to you.  Don’t forget to love yourself. Surfing the Love Vibration lets you resonate with the Universe and ride the wave of goodwill, good fortune and joy. 

Interact with High Energy People — Change the folks you hang out with. Find people who are upbeat, optimistic, thoughtful and kind. Look for fellow Conscious Creators…they may teach you something! 

Be True to Yourself — If you are dissatisfied with your career, relationships, your status in the world; leave behind that which troubles you by finding a new path; or change the situation using positive thoughts, energy, deeds and diplomacy. Most of all, be true to you and don’t be afraid to ditch a miserable situation.  Be honest with yourself about what is and isn’t working in your life.

Give Yourself a Break — Negative energy isn’t always directed outward. Remember to not be too hard on yourself.  Forgive yourself; recognize that it’s OK to be “imperfect” and that you are truly an amazing being! Go ahead and ask your friends what they love about you.

Present an Attitude of Gratitude — Count your blessings each and every day. Say thanks to the Universe for all the good in your life, and remember how incredibly fortunate you really are.

Do these things and you’ll clear the path to becoming a Conscious Creator, manifesting the future you desire!

Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Conscious Creation and Personal Frequency Management. She is the author of "The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World." Sign up at to learn how you can become a master manifestor!

Lapin is also the founder of United World Healing, an organization dedicated to harnessing the conscious intent of people and organizations globally to synergistically create a healthy, compassionate world. On Nov. 9, United World Healing will hold its first worldwide online "Vision-In" for healing the world and manifesting a better future. Join Now to Start Changing the World! To join or receive the daily vision by email, just click on