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10 Tips for Spending the Holidays with Relatives

You know, unlike a lot of people I know, I had really great parents.
They are both gone now, and they certainly had their faults, but I’d
have taken them over anyone else’s folks. So each year during the holidays
I’m reminded by my friends how crazy their relatives make them–whether
it’s mom who can never be pleased or cousin Dave who’s an embarrassing
drunk. So this year, I put together a fun little guide based on some
principles in my book, called "How NOT to Let Your Relatives Ring Your
Holiday Bell." You can get it at this address:
It’ll be in the gift guide and its been excerpted for a
hot new online magazine called NoNiche. It was also featured on the
front page of Feel free to pass it along to your
friends when you hear them uncap the "holiday whine."

Rush to see this spiritual film!

If you haven’t seen "August Rush", the film with Keri Russell, Jonathan
Rhys Myers, Robin Williams and the adorable Freddie Hightower, it is a
must! This is a highly spiritual film about an orphaned youngster who
hears music everywhere and believes that the music will lead him to his
birth parents. He holds that vision throughout his travels as the
11-year-old becomes a musical prodigy, despite others who scoff at his
firm belief. It is a charming film, one of many mainstream movies that
are beginning to embrace such spiritual messages.  A great holiday
feel-good movie.

Welcome to the new Conscious Creation blog!

Thank you for visiting me here!

I created this blog to share news, notes and ruminations on the world of Conscious Creation. With each entry, you mind find tips, hints or strategies — or perhaps a look at how the mass media is interpreting spiritual/manifesting messages.

I might quote a sage or two; report on meeting a visionary leader; recommend a book, CD or DVD; comment on something in the news; laud someone doing something transformative; or perhaps report on some exciting development that points to an important turning point for our planet.

I look forward to keeping you on top of how we are all partaking in the transformation of our future!

In love, peace and joy…